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El Paso Mobile Automotive Locksmith Services

Getting locked out of the car has probably happened to all of us at least once. To some, it most likely has happened more times than that. It can happen anywhere, the mall, grocery store, your office or even in front of your own house. This is why we offer 24 hour automotive locksmith services throughout the entire El Paso and surrounding areas.

We even can help when the key is stuck inside the ignition. If you are not careful, you can make the situation worse by trying to force it out of the ignition. These situations are better to be handled by a professional in order keep it from being a more costly repair.

Automotive Locksmith Services

Qualified Automotive Locksmiths

El Paso Mobile Automotive Locksmith Services has the most qualified technicians to work on the most complicated automotive locksmith problems. We keep up to date with all of the latest technologies and systems that the automotive manufactures are using nowadays.  

We can work on any type of automotive locksmith system, GM’s VATS, Fords PATS key, and even the Honda HISS system. Don’t let someone that is not completely versed in any of the anti-theft systems to work on your automotive. Doing a simple override could leave your car vulnerable to professional thieves and even joyriders.

Rekey Your Locks

Automotive Locksmith Services Technology

If your car keys are ever lost, just like your house, you should have the locks changed out. This is not just the doors or trunk access, the ignition is also vulnerable. In most new cars this process is not just making a new ignition key, it also includes programming the new key to the system. It is also important to bump out the old key in the system. Leaving the old key still in the system will only make it easier for the person that has your old key to be able to make a theft attempt

Remember that your car keys are like a key to your house, there are several keys built into one. Most cars will come with a valet key, door, trunk, glove box and the master key to the vehicle. Making sure that each key can only give the proper access is vital in maintaining the integrity of your vehicles security system.

El Paso Mobile Locksmith works around the clock so that you don’t have to worry about any of these problems. If any of these situations arise and you are in the El Paso area, don’t hesitate to contact us for automotive locksmith services. We work 24 hours to take care of any of your locksmithing needs.

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