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Keyless Entry System Part 2

Keyless Entry System Part 2

Another method of remote keyless entry is called smart keys. The smart key allows the user of the key to unlock, lock and start the vehicle without entering the key into the ignition. The key is identified by the antennas integrated around the body work of the vehicle, and they receive the signals emitted by the key. Most of the systems have a push to start button that disengage the immobilizer and activate the ignition on the car. This is done by pressing on a “push to start button” as long as the key is within the vehicle.

Security for this system is crucial, it being more sophisticated than the regular keyless entry remote. Evidently it is extremely important that the key does not allow for ignition of the car if it is not inside such. Because these remotes are battery operated, there should exist a backup plan for when the battery life is drained. Most keys have a metal key, and most if not all, of the functions work.

All over the world, these keys have been around for quite some time. In many cases these keys lose their initial function or they lose their programing. It is essential to know at least the bare minimum of how to recover your smart key. (This method works on most cars.

-Put the new un-programmed Intelligent Access key in the center console pocket.

-Press the driver or passenger power door unlock control three times.

-Press and release the brake pedal once.

-Press the driver or passenger power door lock control three times.

-Press and release the brake pedal once.

The indicator on the Start/Stop button should begin to flash quickly, indicating that the programming mode has been entered and two programmed Intelligent Access keys have been detected in the vehicle.

-Within one minute, press the Start/Stop button.

A message will be displayed on the message center indicating that the new Intelligent Access key was programmed.

-Remove the Intelligent Access key from the center console pocket and press the unlock control on the newly programmed Intelligent Access keys to exit the programming mode.

-Verify that the new Intelligent Access key’s remote entry functions operate by pressing lock, then unlock, and then starting the vehicle.

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