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Keyless Entry System Part 1

Keyless Entry System Part 1

Everyone has them, everyone uses them, do they know how they work? A keyless entry system is the device that allows for the access to your vehicle without the presence of a traditional key. The term was originated when some car manufacturers build a keypad with codes to be entered for the access of a car, usually near the driver’s door handle. The main purpose of these remotes is to grant access to the user of a vehicle without the need of the physical traditional key to come into contact with the car.

There are two types of keyless entry systems and they serve two different functions.
The first is the remote keyless entry system, and the remote keyless ignition system. A remote keyless entry system unlocks the doors of a vehicle, while the remote keyless ignition starts the engine without the insertion of the traditional key into the car’s ignition.

The science behind the actual functionality of these devices may seem sophisticated, but in reality they are quite simple. A keyless remote works as a radio transmitter that reaches ranges from five to 20 meters of distance from the keyless remote from the vehicle. Once the signal is placed when the button is pressed, by radio waves the signal is transmitted to the vehicle and the commands to lock or unlock will take effect. Most of these keyless remotes operate at 315 MHz. Because the radio wave frequencies can be interfered, most motor companies have created encryptions in order to prevent car thieves to intercept these signals and make illicit use of these codes. A more sophisticated approach was taken by car giants Mercedes Benz and BMW; they began to use infrared waves instead of radio signals in order to ensure the security of the keyless remote devices. It is safe to say that they were pioneers in changing the transmission of these signals, yet many others followed their footsteps due to security concerns. This revolutionary system needed to be safe enough for the average consumer to use, practical, and overall efficient in order to replace the traditional key systems.

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