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How to Prevent Car Break-Ins

How to Prevent Car Break-Ins

Knowing how to prevent car break-ins is just as important as preventing home burglaries. For that reason, we have compiled a list of tips to be aware of when it comes to protecting your vehicle.

Lock the Doors

The first step in automotive safety is locking your doors. There are times when you might forget or when you think it isn’t necessary, but locking your doors slows burglars down and takes away from the limited time they have to break into your car.

Keep Your Car Clutter Free

Don’t leave your possessions scattered around in your car. If you need to leave something in the car, put it in the trunk. The trunk acts as a concealer and puts extra security measures in place. Make sure that when you are putting things in the trunk, you do it as you are getting in the car, not as you are getting out. For example, if you are getting in your car with shopping bags, go ahead and put them in the trunk instead of waiting until you arrive at your next destination to put it in the trunk. This allows you to keep your things hidden while you are at the next place.

Prevent Car Break-ins Trunk

Park Under Lights and Avoid Concealment

Where you park is an important step when wanting to prevent car break-ins. Parking in well-lit areas is the best option. Make sure you don’t park next to large vans or objects that obstruct the view of your vehicle and allow easy access for burglars.

Get an Alarm

Prevent Car Break-ins Alarm

While this option isn’t feasible for everyone, a car alarm should be considered for those who can afford one.

Steering Wheel Lock

You shouldn’t just be concerned about preventing burglars from steeling things from your car, but also preventing them from steeling your car. By investing in a steering wheel lock like The Club, you are adding a huge security measure to your car.

Prevent Car Break-Ins at Home

Your car is at home most of the time right? If you don’t have a garage, or do but use it as storage for your things rather than your car, then investing in motion sensor lights on the side of your home is a good security measure for your car, especially if there are no street lights in front of your house.

Prevent Car Break-Ins Motion

While there is no sure way to prevent all burglaries, these steps will help prevent car break-ins. If you ever have problems with your automotive locks, we provide automotive locksmith services. For questions or more advice, contact us!

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