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Ways to Keep Your Home Secure this Christmas

Christmas burglars are just around the corner with Christmas season coming over it is time to take some actions to keep your home secure this year. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, better known as the FBI, over 420,000 burglaries actually take place during the holiday season and with Christmas fast approaching it is crucial to be as vigilant as possible when it comes to keeping our home and family members secure.

We all know that this season is for most of us, the best time of the year where you spend quality time with family, friends, and eating and drinking while having a great time. As we mentioned above statistics do show us that burglaries around this time of the year tend to increase a lot. Why this sudden increase? Well, it is very simple. This has a lot to do with the actual fact that burglars are perfectly aware that during this season there are tons of presents in houses and most likely there would be some extra money as well. So, keeping all that in mind, El Paso Mobile Locksmith has put together a list of ways for you to keep your home secure from Christmas burglars.

Keep Gifts Away from Christmas Burglars’ Seek

It is so common during this time of the year to have a window from which you can all see the beautiful lighten up Christmas tree, with all the gifts underneath it – it is indeed, something beautiful. Unfortunately, for Christmas burglars, it is beautiful too since it makes your house an easier target and with so many presents, how can they resist? This is why you need to make sure that your Christmas tree and the gifts as well are not visible from the outside, do not tempt anyone while reducing the risks to become an easy target.

Disposing of Packing; Easier Target for Christmas Burglars

Believe it or not disposing of the packaging from the gifts you have received make you an easier target for them. When receiving presents, most likely you would put the packaging out in the trash like we normally would with anything else well when you do this you are basically telling everyone what sort of gifts are inside. Burglars will always be on top of garbage items so be extremely careful about disposing of the packaging.

Christmas Burglars

Christmas Burglars Look for External Lights

And well yes Christmas Burglars look for external lights so you better try not to run them through a window or a door. We know how pretty these lights look while adorning the exterior of your house, but they need to be plugged in, and Christmas burglars are so smart that they will take the time to look for that little wedge that the wire will leave to make their way in your home. What can you do? Just try to make sure that you do not run any wire through any window or door leading inside of your home.

Be Smarter than Christmas Burglars

How can you be smarter than Christmas burglars? Simply put your lights and Christmas’ on a timer on the interior and exterior of your house, this way any burglar won’t feel so sure that your home is actually empty. Burglars are known for getting inside houses when there is no one at home, or where there are signs of inactivity, and these happen quite often when the lights are completely off.

We hope these 4 actions can help you get your house safer from Christmas burglars these years, stay tuned for some you more ways you could easily implement before this date!

Christmas Burglars

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