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Purchasing CCTV Security Cameras

What to Know Before Purchasing CCTV Security Cameras

Purchasing CCTV Security Camaeras

Before purchasing CCTV security cameras whether it is for your home or business, you do need to have an idea on what to look before. Luckily, El Paso Mobile Locksmith has brought you a new blog post for you to be able to know everything you may need to consider when looking for the right CCTV Camera.

Purchasing CCTV Security Cameras: Storage

First things first, define if it comes with an inbuilt SD card slot or if it actually depends on a separate internal storage on DVR. Today the improvement of CCTV technology has allowed CCTV cameras to be CCTV systems by themselves. Usually, they come with a micro SD card slot in them. You could insert memory cards of various capacities, such as 32 GB, 64 GB, or even 128 GB for recording.

And then you can be purchasing CCTV Security Cameras that do not have the internal storage above and unfortunately, only depends on the surveillance hard disk in the DVR.

CCTV Cameras: Pan and Tilt

Purchasing CCTV Security Cameras

Nowadays CCTV security cameras can perfectly rotate horizontally and vertically to be able to cover a large space around them. So we all know, the maximum angle that CCTV cameras can rotate horizontally is called as Pan and vertically is tilt. If you are looking to monitor a larger portion of the space, the CCTV cameras with higher pan and tilt are essential.

Image Quality with CCTV Security Cameras

When purchasing CCTV security cameras of today’s market take into consideration that they can produce videos in 720p and 1080p resolution. Obviously, with a greater resolution, the quality will be better, but it also means you will need a higher capacity of storage to record one-day video.

What about the Motion and Audio Sensor?

Purchasing CCTV Security Cameras

Did you know that motion sensors are a part of smart security systems? Of course, they have a higher price but are definitely the future of CCTV systems. But so you know, security cameras with motion and audio sensors detect and alert owners about every unusual sound and movement by sending a notification to their mobile app.

So, yes if you are looking the best to protect your home or business, then purchasing CCTV Security Cameras is definitively worth the money.

Purchasing CCTV Security Cameras: Installation and Setup

When it comes to installation and setup, wireless CCTV cameras are actually the easiest to install and setup because there are no cables involved. Well, the ease of any CCTV camera installation mainly depends on positioning and mounting. When they have a good pan and tilt, it does not require accurate positioning, at least most of the times. Probably you are just going to have to place them over something heightened.

We really hope you found this blog post really hopeful! Now you know 5 things you need to take into consideration when purchasing one of these systems.

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