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Home Security Facts You Need to Know

Home Security Facts

Keep your home protected with the best home security facts you can possibly find today. Do not become an easy target, be educated, and specially prepared to have your family safe. These are just a few facts that can allow you finding preventive tips you should definitely implement as soon as possible.

According to the FBI reports in 2011, there were more than 2 million burglaries in the U.S. Unfortunately, 75% of those burglaries happened in private, residential homes. Home burglaries made up more than 24% of all property crimes during that year. Considering those home security facts now?

Home Security Fact #1

Home Security Facts

As the first home security of the day, burglaries are more likely to occur during daylight hours. It is known that the majority of residential burglaries occur during the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM. Why during this period of time? Well, simply because during these hours children are off to school while adults are working.

Home Security Systems Are Powerful

Home Security System

Home Security is an effective obstacle. Home security systems may not stop someone determined to break in no matter what, but they are definitely a powerful deterrent. Most of the time, just seeing a security company sign in a home’s front lawn is more than enough to influence any criminal to move on to an easier target. Good to know, don’t you think?

Front Doors, Rear Doors, and First Floor Windows

home security

Burglars prefer front doors, rear doors, and first-floor windows. Reports show that 80% of all residential burglaries are carried out through first-floor entrances. When it comes to home security, alarming first-floor points of entry is on effective security strategy.

 Security Cameras

Security Camera at Home

Burglars do not really like CCTV cameras in adequate lighting. More than 75% of burglars are less likely to burglarize a home with an alarm system if CCTV cameras and adequate lighting are present. Why? Because CCTV cameras and acceptable lighting create evidence.

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