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Where To Hide Your Spare Key

Where to Hide Your Spare Key

Where to Hide Your Spare Key

There are a lot of tips on the Internet about where to hide your spare key for the house, however a lot of those tips aren’t helpful. Just as we can see the tips to prevent a house break in, so can the burglars. That’s why we have come up with a few tips on where to hide your spare key that won’t matter if burglars read these articles or not.

With a Neighbor

This is one of the best places to hide your spare key – if you trust your neighbor. Hiding a spare key with a neighbor gives accountability to the key, in that someone is watching it when you are not. If you are at work or out of town, whoever you have coming over to your house to pick something up or water the plants can just go to your neighbor’s house instead of climbing that tree in the back for the hidden spare key.

Hide Your Spare Key at Neighbors

Automatic Garage Door Keypad

While this is not hiding a spare key, it is a safe alternative to having a spare key. An automatic garage door keypad allows you to give the code, just like the lockbox, and change it if needed.

Spare Key Lockbox

Hide Your Spare Key Lockbox

Just as if you were selling your house, you can purchase a spare key lockbox and keep it outside with your spare key in it. This is a very safe option, requiring a code to get into the box that you could pass out to whoever needs the key and then change it afterwards for safety. Spare key lockboxes come in small sizes so that they aren’t too noticeable to the average person walking by.

Inside the Vinyl Siding

A popular place to hide your spare key is inside the vinyl siding on your house. Make sure you pick a place that you can remember but that isn’t noticeable. This is a good option for a spare key because a burglar would have to look over every inch of your house to find the key and for most burglars it isn’t worth the hassle.

Hide Your Spare Key in Vinyl Siding

Common Spots to Hide Your Spare Key

Everyone and their mom knows that people hide their spare keys under welcome mats or cute frog statues by their front door. Everyone also knows that these are bad hiding spots. Some other hiding spots that are becoming popular are nailing your key to a tree, taping it to the air conditioner box, or even attaching them to the bottom of your car. While these are all good ideas, they have flaws. Burglars are going to become aware of these new trends and start looking in those spaces. The idea with the car is helpful because when you are not at home neither is your car with the spare key on it, but it isn’t the best idea when you need to leave the spare key at your house for the friend who is coming to feed your cat. The best ideas are ones that create accountability for the key and that aren’t worth the hassle for the burglar.

We hope that this quick guide with places to hide your spare key was helpful. If you ever need spares, to change locks, or are locked out, El Paso Mobile Locksmith can help you with all of your locksmithing needs!

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