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Maximum Security Locks

Maximum Security Locks

Have you ever wondered what the best maximum security locks are? Here are three of the safest options you have when it comes to keeping your possessions safe.


Deadbolts are by far one of the safest locks to have for your home and usually accompany normal knob locks for extra safety. There are a two different types of deadbolts: single cylinder and double cylinder. Single deadbolts have a key hole on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. These are the most common for residential homes and are very safe. However, if your door is close to a window, a burglar could break the class and unlock the door from the inside. The second option, double deadbolts, have key holes on each side. While this is safer, it causes a safety problem if there is an emergency inside the house and the key cannot be found.

Deadbolt Maximum Security Locks

Medeco Maximum Security Locks

Medeco provides high security locks by making them with a complex combination system comprised from rotating pin tumblers. Their complex design is controlled by the specific angled cuts on each key that allows the cylinder to turn and open the door. Medeco also has a patent on their keys, not allowing unauthorized duplications. At the installation of Medeco locks, the owner receives a guarantee card with a key code on it in case the key to the lock is lost. Without the code, the Medeco lock has to be replaced. Medeco locks are some of the best on the market due to their complex combination systems.

Medeco Maximum Security Locks

Mortise Locks

Mortise Maximum Security Locks

Mortise locks are great for securing your home because instead of being attached to the door, the lock is set within the door. These locks are commonly found on older homes, but are becoming more popular in commercial settings. The reason why these locks are maximum security locks is because of their strength, durability and somewhat complex inner workings. Mortise locks are made to withstand a high volume of use and that is why they are becoming more popular in commercial buildings.

While these are just three of many maximum security locks, whichever lock you choose to secure your possessions, El Paso Mobile Locksmith can work on even the most complicated locks during emergency situations.

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