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Designer Locks – The New Trend

Designer Locks – The New Trend

Homeowners around the globe are always looking for ways to improve their homes. When remodeling, a lot of people forget about changing the style of locks that they have. This might not seem important, but designer locks can be an added value to your entryways.

Locking devices are at a critical stage in their history. Just like clothing, they were invented to cover an obvious need that most (if not all) humans look for. Clothing then became more of a want than a need, although it still covers the basic need of being covered. Just like clothing, locks are becoming both practically useful and a part of design.

Advantages of Installing Designer Locks

When remodeling your house, most people opt for cleaning and maybe rekeying their locks. Commercial and residential locks should be occasionally changed for safety and practicality. Newer lock models are now implementing the latest locking mechanisms with various designs, ranging from classical to baroque and even modern styles. The advantage of installing new locks when remodeling your home is not only the added design to your door, but something that can become a historic piece of your house.

Designer Locks Inside Door


Designer Locks Doorknob

Many lock manufacturers release deluxe editions of their conventional locks to cater to the higher end markets. These locks are now being mass produced and can be purchased and used by anyone for their homes. This creates a massive advantage for homeowners, as they can implement the latest locking mechanism in a smooth, classy design.

By including your locks in your home remodel, you increase the value of a house in a market flooded with great deals already. By installing designer locks you could make your house stand out.


Although locks are getting prettier every day, the designs still revolve around keeping people and their possessions safe. Besides showing off beautiful designs, new locks are also becoming easier to handle by users and harder to break-in for burglars.

If you’d like help installing your new designer lock, El Paso Mobile Locksmith can help. Our locksmith experts give house inspections for all types of locks and can advise you in any locksmith situation you need help in. Contact us today!

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